Crossy Road Brings The Best Of Frogger To The App Store

If you are old enough to remember Frogger, you know exactly what to expect from Crossy Road. In case you don’t remember Frogger, think of the title “Crossy Road” as a literal representation of the gameplay. I know, I know – corssing roads doesn’t sound like fun at all, right? Wrong! Crossy Road has just the right amount of polish to its somewhat whimsical presentation and controlling your litte character on screen feels tight and responsive. In the end, you only have to answer one question: Haven’t you always wanted to help Doge cross the street? If your response is “wow”, then there’s exactly two things you should do: First, watch the trailer above, showcasing several in game characters and second, go and download Crossy Road from the App Store – it’s free and universal, meaning you can enjoy it on your iPhone and iPad alike.


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