Transistor: Supergiant Games’ Successor to Bastion Now On The App Store

If you are into games in general, then there’s absolutely no way you haven’t yet heard about Bastion, Supergiant Games’ debut title that was originally released on Microsoft’s Xbox 360 as an Xbox Live Arcade title. Bastion featured a really unique way of narrating the player’s actions throughout the whole game and offered an equally unique and beautiful art direction. No wonder the game became a huge success, was ported to nearly any and all platforms available (including iOS – you can find it on the App Store) and developed quite the fan base.

Why am I telling you all this? Because Transistor is Supergiant Games’ follow up title and many players had high hopes for this game. Did Transistor manage to meet all of these expactations? Well yes and no. Yes, because the game features yet again an incredible art direction, superb (and I really do mean superb!) soundtrack and a great narrative. However, its gameplay can’t really be compared to Bastion’s and some players didn’t quite like that. Personally, I think Transistor’s turn based combat is more nuanced than what Bastion had to offer and, most importantly now that the games is available on iOS, is more suited to touchscreen inputs. Additionally, I really like the fact that Supergiant Games tried to evelop something new and unique, rather than simply copying Bastion’s formula to success.

If you like games with a unique art style and an incredible soundtrack (just listen while you watch the trailer) – check out Transistor, it might be one of the best games available on the App Store right now.


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