Titan Quest: Diablo-Like Hack ‘N’ Slash Announced For iOS

Titan Quest is a hack ‘n’ slash game that was originally released for PCs in 2006. Its gameplay is similar to Diablo, but the game takes place in the ancient world (Greece, Egypt, Asia). Titan Quest was well received by critics and gamers alike, so I hope that the current developer DotEmu, who is responsible for the iOS port, manages to translate the classic keyboard and mouse controls to intuitive touchscreen controls. If that’s the case, then we’re all in for a real treat!

Like I mentioned, Titan Quest is a classic hack ‘n’ slash game at heart, therefore you can expect light role-playing elements, item hunting, character customization and slashing through hordes of enemies. Playing the game you will be thinking to yourself “I’ll clear just one more dungeon” and before you know it, another two hours have passed. The developers are currently aiming to release the game late this year and it will cost less than 10$ – not bad for a game that was released as a full price title back in 2006!


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