It’s-a-me, Mario! Nintendo Games Are Heading To The App Store


Color me surprised: Nintendo will enter the mobile market in 2015! A partnership with DeNA has been officially announced during a special press conference. If you’ve ever dreamed about playing Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong and the likes on your iPhone and iPad, now is the time to rejoice! Unfortunately, it is not quite clear what IPs will hit the App Store and what kind of gameplay we can expect from these games. But if Nintendo does one thing right, it’s fun, addictive and polished gameplay – therfore, I’m rather confident that we’ll see some great games being published that are going to be a great addition to any gaming collection. If you ask me, the turn based Pokemon games would be great fun to play on iOS devices. Let’s wait and see what Nintendo will announce in the near future. But whatever it is, please let it be full fledged “core-experiences” (for lack of a better word). Fingers crossed.


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