Rayman Jungle Run Review For iPhone – Yep, It’s Awesome!

One of the best things Ubisoft has done in recent years (besides giving birth to Assassin’s Creed) was to reboot the Rayman series. The developers must have realised that Rayman’s true strength had always been the excellent platforming action. And … Continue reading

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Anomaly Warzone Earth Review: Tower Defense Just Got Better

Anomaly Warzone Earth [$1.99|$3.99] takes the concept of tower defense games and turns it upside down. Instead of defending yourself from wave after wave of enemies on your iOS device, this time around you are the one making your way … Continue reading

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Tiny Tower Review – More Like A Huge Tower In A Tiny iPhone

If I had to give you an idea of what Tiny Tower [Free] is, I’d say something like: It’s free(mium), it’s fun, it’s highly addictive. With Tiny Tower, developer Nimlbebit has really hit the sweet spot when it comes to … Continue reading

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Cut The Rope: Experiments Review: More Of The Same

“More of the same” is often used as a negative expression. But if you think back at how great the original Cut The Rope [$0.99|$1.99] was when it was available for your iPhone not even 1 year ago, it’s clear … Continue reading

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Pix’n Love Rush Review: Some Things Never Get Old

I have to make a confession: I’m in love with this game. Pix’n Love Rush, while being such a simple game, does so many things incredibly right. In its core, it’s an old-school jump ‘n’ run with 3 distinct game … Continue reading

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