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Rayman Jungle Run Review For iPhone – Yep, It’s Awesome!

One of the best things Ubisoft has done in recent years (besides giving birth to Assassin’s Creed) was to reboot the Rayman series. The developers must have realised that Rayman’s true strength had always been the excellent platforming action. And … Continue reading

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Pix’n Love Rush Review: Some Things Never Get Old

I have to make a confession: I’m in love with this game. Pix’n Love Rush, while being such a simple game, does so many things incredibly right. In its core, it’s an old-school jump ‘n’ run with 3 distinct game … Continue reading

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9mm Review: Ready For Some Action?

Gameloft’s new third person shooter 9mm is often compared to Remedy’s Max Payne. In case you’re not familiar with Max Payne, it was a celebrated third person shooter released in 2001 with a distinct feature called bullet time: For a … Continue reading

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Boost 2 Review: Racing At The Speed Of Light

How good are your reflexes? No, don’t answer – play a round of Boost 2 on your iPhone or iPad and show me your high-score! This game will definitely challenge your reaction time, and no matter how good your reflexes … Continue reading

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Kosmo Spin Review: Casual iPhone And iPad Fun

Kosmo Spin is the first game of developer Simogo, the swedish team who just recently brought us the great Bumpy Road. And much like Bumpy Road, Kosmo Spin also focuses on a unique way of controlling the game. In Kosmo … Continue reading

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