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Demolition Dash Review: Worldwide Destruction Is… Fun!

Demolition Dash is a running/platforming game developed by Germany based studio Dreamfab, that offers a great presentation and high level of polish. I already had plenty of fun with a preview build of Demolition Dash a few weeks ago, and … Continue reading

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Unpleasant Horse Review: A Pleasant Surprise

Unpleasant Horse is the first game from 4th & Battery, a subdivision of PopCap. 4th & Battery was brought to life to function as a creative valve for the guys at PopCap; a platform that enables them to develop unconventional … Continue reading

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Bumpy Road Review: Unique, Charming And Polished

We have been featuring Bumpy Road for quite some time now, and the reason is rather simple: It’s a great game that perfectly demonstrates how to utilize the touchscreen interface on iPhone and iPad to create a unique and fun … Continue reading

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Mos Speedrun Review – Unforgiving Retro Platformer For iPhone And iPad

Do you remember our review of League of Evil? Most of the things we said about that game can be applied to Mos Speedrun. But while they are both great retro platformers, there are a few unique things about Mos … Continue reading

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Pulse: Volume One Review – As Good As Rhythm Games Can Be

Pulse: Volume One is Cipher Prime Studios’ 3rd game, and yet again it’s all about music. After Auditorium and Fractal, this time it’s a rhythm based game. But unlike all the Rock Bands and Guitar Heros out there, you will … Continue reading

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