Mos Speedrun Review – Unforgiving Retro Platformer For iPhone And iPad

Do you remember our review of League of Evil? Most of the things we said about that game can be applied to Mos Speedrun. But while they are both great retro platformers, there are a few unique things about Mos Speedrun that sets it apart.

Mos Speedrun is all about platforming. Your goal is simply to make it alive to the end of the level. But that’s easier said than done, because you’ll need to avoid every single hazardous obstacle the levels through at you. If you touch just one of the various enemies, your run is over and you’ll have to start all over again. With platformers like this, the first question is always if the controls can carry the gameplay. And the answer in Mos Speedrun’s case is thankfully “Yes, the can!”. It took some time until developers nailed the responsiveness needed for accurate platforming, but what’s offered here works great.

The game is divided into 5 chapters with 5 levels each. To unlock the next chapter, you have to collect a certain amount of badges. You can earn a badge by completing one of 4 challenges in each level: finishing the level, finishing the level within a time limit, collecting all the coins and collecting a hidden skull. The challenges can (and have to) be tackled one by one. This creates some nice replay value.

The presentation of this game is as old school as it can be. The pixel art graphics combined with a chiptune soundtrack will remind you how we all used to sit in front of TVs with brick controllers in our hands. But while I’m really digging pixel art games in general, I would have like to see a more refined art style in Mos Speedrun.

Bottom line is: If you’re into platforming and retro games, go and get Mos Speedrun! In case you’re not sure yet, just give the free lite version a spin.


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