Boost 2 Review: Racing At The Speed Of Light

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How good are your reflexes? No, don’t answer – play a round of Boost 2 on your iPhone or iPad and show me your high-score! This game will definitely challenge your reaction time, and no matter how good your reflexes are, it will push you to your limit. The important part in this case is, that it’s a whole lot of fun to get there!

In Boost 2 you’re racing through a tunnel in ego-perspective at an ever increasing speed while you need to avoid crashing into any of the randomly generated obstacles. It really is a simple concept, but it’s executed incredibly well and with a great amount of polish that makes it a joy to go hunting for the high-score. And Boost 2 never fails to give you this “just one more try” feeling that turns this game into a highly addictive affair.

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You control the game by tilting your device left and right. This works incredibly well, is super precise and an excellent fit for iOS devices. And like in almost any tilt controlled game you have the option to calibrate the tilt-controls to your likings in the options menu.

Boost 2 comes with two singleplayer modes (Time Trial, Survival) and one multiplayer mode. In Time Trial, there’s a timer on top of the screen that counts down to zero. Your goal is to never let it get there by adding precious seconds every time you hover over a boost field. Once you’re in boost mode, you have not only added a few seconds to the timer and are faster, you can also crash once without it resulting in a game over. However, crashing means you will lose time and if you crash again, it’ll also mean game over. So crashing should be avoided at all cost.

In Survival the goal is again to get as far as you can, but it works a bit different. There are no boosts, the speed will increase gradually over time until you reach maximum speed. This also means that one crash results in game over. Also, Survival mode is not available from the beginning. You first need to score 2000 points in Time Trial to unlock it.

The multiplayer is classic 1 vs 1. You both get to race for 60 seconds at the same time and the one who’s travelled the longer distance wins. Boost 2 indicates who’s currently leading by displaying red blocks to the one behind and blue blocks to the leader.

To sum everything up, Boost 2 offers some great instant action whenever you feel the need for an adrenalin rush. The presentation is great and the controls are precise and a perfect fit for iPhone and iPad. The game comes as universal app and at the time of this review it is currently on sale for $0.99.

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