Critically Acclaimed World of Goo Coming To iPhone And iPod Touch – “Hopefully Sometime In March”

world of goo icon2 Critically Acclaimed World of Goo Coming To iPhone And iPod Touch   Hopefully Sometime In MarchIndie developer 2dboy has announced on its official blog that World of Goo is finally coming to iPhone and iPod Touch. If you are the least bit into gaming, chances are good that you have heard of World of Goo countless times before. It is a physics based puzzle game that was incredibly well received by both critics and gamers all over the world when it was originally released for Windows in 2008.

Since then 2dboy ported it to several platforms including OS X, Linux, Wii and the iPad. So how come it is available for the iPad and not for iPhone and iPod Touch you might ask? Actually this was planned quite some time ago – 2dboy has been talking about such a port since 2009 to be precise. One of the concerns they had was the smaller screen of the latter idevices and performance issues.

However, these concerns seem to have vanished as the developer now states “[…] against all expectations, the size of the screen was not much of an obstacle at all.” And with the newer and faster versions of the iPhone and iPod Touch, there is probably nothing to worry about performance anymore either.

2dboy hopes to release it “sometime in March”. This means there are already 3 incredible titles announced to be coming next month: Final Fantasy III, Sword & Sworcery and now World of Goo. This is going to be a great month for iOS gamers!


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