Final Fantasy III release in March confirmed to be DS port

final fantasy III logo small Final Fantasy III release in March confirmed to be DS port This was fast – not only is it now confirmed that the iOS version of Final Fantasy III will be the one released for Nintendo’s DS back in 2006 but there are also plenty of screenshots and even gameplay videos to look at right now, posted by the previous mentioned Japanese site Famitsu. Have a look at the very beginning of the game and also check out the controls:

This is great news and I can’t wait to get my hands on it. People have already started comparing the screenshots to the DS version and it seems as if Square Enix has really put some efforts into this port. Not only is the resolution greatly enhanced, but they also made sure that this higher resolution is of use and adjusted the textures – with even complete new ones to fully take advantage of this fact.

If “sometime in March” is too long to wait for you because all this talk made you want to get into the Final Fantasy universe already, you could warm up with Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy II, both great and enhanced ports of their originals.


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