9mm Review: Ready For Some Action?

Gameloft’s new third person shooter 9mm is often compared to Remedy’s Max Payne. In case you’re not familiar with Max Payne, it was a celebrated third person shooter released in 2001 with a distinct feature called bullet time: For a … Continue reading

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Boost 2 Review: Racing At The Speed Of Light

How good are your reflexes? No, don’t answer – play a round of Boost 2 on your iPhone or iPad and show me your high-score! This game will definitely challenge your reaction time, and no matter how good your reflexes … Continue reading

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The Secret Of Monkey Island: Special Edition Review

Ah, Monkey Island. Just hearing the name of this classic point-and-click adventure makes me already feel all warm and fuzzy inside. If you are amongst the older generation of gamers, I bet you feel the same. And once I tell … Continue reading

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Dream:scape Review: A Memorable Adventure With Shortcomings

When I saw the first trailer for Dream:scape about two months ago, I got very excited about it. It looked like Dream:scape was shaping up nicely to become an incredibly atmospheric adventure with great visuals, that are backed up by … Continue reading

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Kosmo Spin Review: Casual iPhone And iPad Fun

Kosmo Spin is the first game of developer Simogo, the swedish team who just recently brought us the great Bumpy Road. And much like Bumpy Road, Kosmo Spin also focuses on a unique way of controlling the game. In Kosmo … Continue reading

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