Chaos Rings Omega For iPhone – Reveal Trailer Of Square Enix’ New RPG

Square Enix has uploaded the first trailer for Chaos Rings Omega, a prequel to one of the best RPGs the App Store has to offer. The trailer features a lot of dialogues that presumably prepare us for the story – “presumably” because the trailer is only available in Japanese and my Japanese is, well, let’s say rusty.

However, managed to translate the latest bits of information from the Japanese gaming site Famitsu. According to them, the story in Omega takes place 10.000 years before Chaos Rings and will be centered on a character called Viegue, his wife and his daughter Vahti.

Viegue looks a lot like a character from the original Chaos Rings called “Olgar”, so it will be interesting to see how Square ties the story of the games together.

It’s great to see more of Chaos Rings coming from Square and from what I can tell from the trailer it looks like they have focused on an epic story this time around. Chaos Rings Omega will be released in Japan next month, a global release date has yet to be announced by Square Enix. As soon as we find any information about the international release, we’ll let you know about it.


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