LucasArts Licensed Unreal Engine 3

lucasarts ue3 LucasArts Licensed Unreal Engine 3

LucasArts has signed a licensing agreement with Epic Games that enables them to develop multiple projects with Epic’s Unreal Engine 3 across all supported platforms. What could be interesting is that Mark Rein, vice president of Epic, explicitly mentions “mobile” as one of the platforms. And while this might raise your hopes for a UE3 Star Wars game for iOS (or what about a Grim Fandango remake? Oh boy!), there’s also the possibility that Mark Rein just wanted to emphasize on how versatile their UE3 is.

LucasArts so far doesn’t seem to bet heavy on the App Store, but the Monkey Island remakes that are available are well done and a great deal of fun. So if we’re lucky, maybe LucasArts also signed this deal to expand their catalog on the App Store – And I’m always up for a new Star Wars game, so fingers crossed!


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