Pulse Volume One: Update Adds Four New Tracks

When the brilliant Pulse: Volume One was released about one month ago, the only criticism we had in our review, was the lack of content. However, developer Cipher Prime promised to support it with free updates that will add four new tracks each month. And I’m happy to say that the first update with four new tracks is now available on the App Store!

Cipher Prime has worked together with some great artists from Philadelphia to deliver fresh content for you. The four titles are:

Cooper and the Fantastic Machine present “klokwerk ”
George and Jonathan present “tidbits ”
Ghost Fight presents “veedja ”
Zilla Persona presents “follow my voice ”

While “klokwerk” focuses heavily on multitouch and is rather easy, I’m sure you’ll be spending a looong time until you master the other three titles. I’m really digging the new tracks and am glad to see that Cipher Prime keeps its promise to add great new content to an already outstanding game. If you’ve been holding back to get Pulse: Volume One because it only had eight songs, hesitate no longer and enjoy one of the best rhythm games on the App Store!


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