Warm Gun: Exciting Unreal Engine 3 Shooter Gets A Trailer

Many people say that gaming on iPhone or iPad is limited to casual titles. We all know this is not the case anymore and now there’s one more title to prove it: Warm Gun! Warm Gun is a multiplayer FPS that was originally planned to be released on PC only. However, thanks to the Unreal Engine which is powering the game, the devs at the indie studio Emotional Robots soon realized that it’s a great idea to port this beauty to the iOS platform.

Now with the first iOS trailer out in the wild to show off some gameplay footage and the game’s stunning visuals, I’m getting very excited for this title. The look of Warm Gun is a very unique mix of classic western elements and crazy looking pieces of modern technology. It creates a very special atmosphere unlike any multiplayer FPS that I know. Warm Gun takes place in post World War III America in which the last drop of oil has been the depleted and because of that the society sees the 2nd coming of the Wild West.

Warm Gun for iOS comes with 5 maps, 4 character classes and 12 weapons. It promises fast paced multiplayer action that plays in another class than what’s being offered right now on the platform. The release date is a very vague 2011 and there’s no word on the price yet. We’ll let you know as soon as we find out more.


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