Bumpy Road Preview – A Unique And Charming Platformer

bumpy road header Bumpy Road Preview   A Unique And Charming Platformer

I had the chance to get my hands on a preview version of Simogo’s upcoming Bumpy Road, a unique platformer in which you control a car by manipulating the road it’s driving on. The announcement trailer looked great and left me with high hopes for this game. And what can I say – Simogo delivered.

In Bumpy Road you guide the car of an elderly couple to prevent them from falling off the road or running out of gas. On the way you’ll also collect memories of the couple that, bit by bit, unlock their romantic story.

bumpy road 01 Bumpy Road Preview   A Unique And Charming Platformer bumpy road 02 Bumpy Road Preview   A Unique And Charming Platformer

What makes Bumpy Road stand out is obviously the way you control it. Unlike your usual platform game, in which you control your character directly, Bumpy Road asks you to manipulate the environment to control the car. If you touch the screen, the road will lift up, resulting in a little bump which you use to create momentum to make your car go left, right or even jump if you tap right underneath it. Controls are very accurate and responsive, making it really fun to mess around with. It will take some time until you master the concept, but I found it to be a rewarding (and very manageable) challenge.

Even though it was a preview version I was playing, the presentation was already very polished. Graphics are charming and smooth, the sound and music perfectly complement the game and even the menus look slick.

Bumpy Road will come with 2 game modes and will feature everything you can possibly want from an iOS game: Universal App, retina support, achievements, Game Center integration and Facebook score posting – it’s all there. If everything goes well Bumpy Road should hit the App Store sometime in May. Fingers Crossed.


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