Bumpy Road – Unique Platfomer Coming “Early This Spring”

Simogo, developer of Kosmos Spin, has released an announcement trailer for their upcoming title Bumpy Roads. The game seems to be a very unique variation of a 2d platformer. You will guide a “loving copule in their autumn years” in their car through several levels while collecting their memories. Each memory will unlock new bits of the story. So far, so conventional. But now comes the spin: You don’t control the car – you control the environment. By touching the screen you will make the ground lift up and the car will react accordingly. The trailer shows this concept very nicely:

The controls seem to be implemented very well and look like a good bit of fun. It will be interesting to get our hands on it to see how it actually feels to control the car by moving the ground. So far it looks like a well designed and fun casual game. Simogo also gives away a vague release date: Bumpy Road is supposed to be available for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad “early this spring”.


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