Zombiewood For iPhone And iPad – Gameloft’s Entering The Dual-Stick Shooter Genre

Remember Minigore? I’d say it was one of the first really good dual-stick shooters for the iPhone back then. With Zombiewood for iOS, Gameloft seems to try and get its own foot into the dual-stick shooter genre. The ingredients? Lots of guns, charming 3D visuals and zombies. Sounds like great ingredients – but also very, oh so very familiar by now. It’s just that in recent years, the shoot-zombies-in-the-face genre has expanded exponentially. But then again, shooting zombies in the face never gets old.

While this is only the announcement trailer and there is no word of the release date yet, Gameloft usually only announces new games when they are just a few weeks from being available on the App Store. So if Zombiewood sounds like something you’d enjoy, you should be able to get your hands on it pretty soon!


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