Death Rally Price Drop And First Update

Death Rally, Remedy’s excellent fun racer for which we only had good words in our review, is already seeing a price drop from $3.99 to $2.99. On top of that the first update is also available for download. The update includes:

• A new car
• A new challenge mode
• 2 new weapons

Death Rally was already a great game before the update and well worth the money – so with the added content and the price drop, downloading this game for your iPhone or iPad (the game comes as universal app) should be a no-brainer if you like the genre. However, one feature that I’m sure would be a blast in Death Rally is multiplayer. Just think of Mario Kart: Blowing up friends in a racing game just before the finish line is pretty much priceless. And looking at the support Remedy is putting into Death Rally, hoping for a multiplayer mode in the near future doesn’t seem unrealistic.


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