1-bit Ninja – A Retro Platformer With A Modern Touch

Kodeo80 is currently working hard to finish their upcoming retro platformer 1-bit Ninja. And while it may look like a classic retro platformer at first, it’s actually in 3d. If you drag the top of the screen, the viewing angle changes and reveals the 3 dimensional nature of the game. This effect not only looks pretty cool, it’ll also reveal hidden passages that you can’t see in the classic 2d view.

What’s also special is the control scheme. 1-bit Ninja developer Kodeo80 got rid of the left button in order to streamline the controls for touch devices. The left side of the screen will make the Ninja run to the right, while the right side of the screen functions as jump button. While this has the benefit that you wont have any visible buttons that you need to keep an eye on, it will be interesting to see if it doesn’t feel like there’s “something missing”. According to the devs, 1-bit Ninja is almost complete and will be available towards the end of May.


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