Death Rally: Suggest A New Car And Win An iPad 2

death rally header 2 Death Rally: Suggest A New Car And Win An iPad 2

Remedy has just announced to focus even more on community integration in their action-racer Death Rally. The idea is to let the community choose what new features they want to see in future updates of the game.

“After closely watching players’ interaction with the game and listening to the community’s discussions, it’s clear that our fans have great ideas on how to improve  Death Rally,” said Peter Papadopoulos, Community Manager at Remedy.

This means that from today on, you will be able to take part in “community focused idea challenges” on Death Rally’s official Facebook site. The first challenge will last for two weeks (adding new ideas is only possible for the next 7 days) and you are asked to submit what type of car you want to get with the next update. If your idea ends up being the best rated one, it will not only be implemented into Death Rally, but you will also win a brand new iPad 2. Sounds fair to me!


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