Dream:scape: Release On June 9th, New Trailer

Get ready for June 9th! Dream:scape, the free roaming adventure game powered by Unreal Engine, is finally set for release. Developer Speedbump Studios had already submitted Dream:scape a while ago to the App Store, but during the review process an ugly memory bug was found that made the game incompatible with any device except iPhone 4 and iPad 2. In order the make Dream:scape accessible to as many gamers as possible, the developer has spent the last few weeks fixing this bug and optimizing the performance.

The hard work has now paid off: Dream:scape will be available next week for iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch 4th Gen, iPad and iPad 2. It seems a bit odd that iPod Touch 3rd Gen is not mentioned, since Dream:scape is said to run on all Unreal Engine supported devices. We have reached out to Speedbump Studios to clarify whether it’s supported or not.

On top of that, there’s also a new trailer that features some new locations and sheds some more light on the story. And now I officially can’t wait to get my hands on Dream:scape. To some extent the atmosphere and storytelling reminds me of Amnesia: The Dark Descend, which is the most intense game I’ve ever played. If Dream:scape can manage to come even close to it, this will be one hell of a ride.


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