Infinity Field Coming Soon To iPhone

Infinity Field HD [$1.99], an incredibly fun dual-stick shooter, is finally making its way to the iPhone. The game is available on the iPad for quite some time now and I’m really into it, so it’s great to see that it will soon be available to a broader audience. Infinity Field is a lot like the Xbox Live Arcade title Geometry Wars [$0.99] but it also offers some unique gameplay elements that make it stand out. Interestingly, Geometry Wars is also available on the App Store. And although I was a huge fan of the original Geometry Wars when it hit XBLA, I have to say that on iOS I prefer Infinity Field.

While the trailer does reveal that Infinity Field for iPhone is going to be published by Chillingo and that it will ship with Retina support, it doesn’t announce a release date or price. I would be happy to see the iPad version of the game to become Universal once the iPhone only version is out. We’ll keep you posted as we find out more. And if you own an iPad, go ahead and check it out, it’s a great arcade game!


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