Squids: Promising Genre Mash-Up With Great Art Direction

I just caught wind of an upcoming iOS game called Squids – and from what I’ve seen so far, this unique title looks pretty promising! Squids will put you in charge of a small army of sea creatures who will need to protect their idyllic underwater world from some nasty black ooze. This black ooze not only ruins the great view, it’s also highly infectious, turning harmless creatures into ruthless monsters. Inspired by tactical RPGs, Squids features turn-based battles complete with special moves, combo attacks and customizable characters.

However, what first caught my eye was Squids’ art direction. This game looks great. There’s an incredible amount of detail everywhere you look; from the backgrounds to the character design and their animations. Therefore, it was not that much of a surprise to find out that the development studio of Squids, The Game Bakers, was founded by former Ubisoft employees who were working on AAA console titles. And in case you are as eager as I am to play this game, I’m glad to say that you won’t have to wait much longer. Squids will be released this September on the App Store.


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