Machine Gun Jetpack Is Now Called Jetpack Joyride, Will Be Unleashed September 1st For $0.99

Machine Gun Jetpack is dead, long live Jetpack Joyride! The devs over at Halfbrick Studios, creators of Fruit Ninja, decided to rename their upcoming iPhone and iPad game to Jetpack Joyride. The decision was made because the game evolved so much during its development, that the old title was just not accurate anymore. For example, unlike in its early stages of development, you are not limited to equip a machine gun jetpack but several more unique types of jetpacks. There’s the steam jetpack, the rainbow jetpack or a bubble jetpack, just to name a few. Check out the video above for more details and insights from the dudes of Halfbrick Studios.

However, the best news of the day regarding Jetpack Joyride is definitely the release information. Not only will it already be available on the App Store on September 1st, but it will also be released as Universal App and cost as little as $0.99. Frantic jetpack action on both iPhone and iPad for not even a buck? Well, count me in!


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