Save Yammi Quick Look: Draw The Rope

I’ve just stumbled upon Save Yammi, a physics based puzzler that could have also been called Draw The Rope. There’s just no denying that Save Yammi is heavily inspired by ZeptoLab’s App Store hit Cut The Rope. Needless to say I was intrigued to see whether Intermost Inc, the developers, managed to find a way that makes this game stand out next to Cut The Rope. The most obvious difference that sets Save Yammi apart is the changed gameplay mechanic regarding the rope: You don’t cut any ropes, you have to draw them into the levels. This is an interesting spin on the formula and works quite well. There’s also some gravity sections in the game that require you to carefully tilt your iPhone to navigate the cookie into Yammi’s mouth.

I’ve cleared quite a few levels by now and have to say that the adapted gameplay mechanics work pretty well and do offer some welcome surprises every now and then. Save Yammi also looks and sounds great – although you might argue that it lacks a bit of personality due to the fact that just about everything feels like it’s a modified piece of what’s there in Cut The Rope. If that’s not too big of a deal for you, and you’ve enjoyed the Cut The Rope games, then you should definitely give Save Yammi a shot. And thanks to the free Lite Version [iPhone|iPad], you won’t even have to spend anything to find out if this is your cup of tea.


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