Rayman Jungle Run – One Of The Best Jump ‘n’ Runs In Recent Years Coming To iPhone And iPad!

Ubisoft’s Rayman is coming to iOS! And damn soon as well: Get ready for a real jump ‘n’ run treat on September 20th! After playing a smaller part in Ubisoft’s Rabbids franchise, Rayman has recently celebrated a huge comeback with the release of the fantastic Rayman Origins. It was basically a reboot of the Rayman franchise, focusing on what made the little fella without legs and arms so famous in the first place: superb platforming mixed with gorgeous visuals.

In Rayman Jungle Run the gameplay will be a bit streamlined in order to make it control better on your iPhone and iPad touchscreen. Just like in the endless runner Canabalt, Rayman will run automatically while you need to take care of jumping/flying over obstacles and punching the bad guys. Unlike Canabalt however, Rayman Jungle Run will consist of levels that are not randomly generated. This is aces in my book, since I hope the developers will carry over the creativity that made the levels in Rayman Origins so outstanding!

If you look at the trailer you’ll also see that, like its bigger console brother, Rayman Jungle Run looks and sounds fantastic! So if all goes well, we can expect an incredibly charming platforming game – and who doesn’t like a great platforming game?!


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