Now On Sale – Dead Space HD And Real Racing 2

dead space real racing 2 sale <span>Now On Sale</span> Dead Space HD And Real Racing 2

Listen up guys, with Real Racing 2 and Dead Space HD two of the most awesome games on the App Store are currently on sale! Dead Space HD dropped from $9.99 to $1.99 and Real Racing 2 dropped from $4.99 to $0.99. Both games are an incredible bargain at their current price tags. Heck, I even think they offer great value when they are not up for sale! I totally loved Dead Space in my review so go check it out if you are still in doubt! Also, have look at the trailers:

Dead Space is only on sale for the iPad, while the iPhone version remains at $6.99. With Real Racing 2, it’s the other way around: The price for the iPhone version is lowered to $0.99, whereas the iPad version will still set you back $6.99. Both games offer some impressive graphics and helped push what we thought was technically possible on the iOS platform to new heights. Therefore, I can only repeat myself: If you own either an iPhone or iPad and you’re into games (which you probably are, why on earth would you end up on TapArena otherwise?!) you should totally play those games!


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