Monument Valley: It’s All About (Beautiful) Perspectives

When it comes to Monument Valley, all I can think about are adjectives: Elegant. Polished. Beautiful.
There are many puzzle games on the App Store, but Monument Valley really is one of a kind. I can’t pinpoint its greatness down to a single feature, it’s more like a synergy effect that turns this game into so much more than the sum of its parts. The art direction is flawless and in combination with the sound and music it creates a very distinct atmosphere.

However, as much as I like Monument Valley, it is not without fault. Maybe it’s just me (I like my puzzle games to be challenging), but I thought the game was too easy. The game’s visuals might be mind-bending, but the diffculty is not. Rather than figuring out a path for the protagonist, it’s more like guiding her through the levels. Don’t get me wrong, this is in no way dealbreaking – some people might even prefer this kind of gameplay compared to a more challenging approach, especially if they play on their iPhone and iPad. It just pushes the game more towards the audiovisual experience genre. But what a great experience it is, so go and grab Monument Valley on the App Store as soon as you can!


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