iBlast Moki 2 Coming This Summer To iPhone And iPad

iblast moki 2 header iBlast Moki 2 Coming This Summer To iPhone And iPad

Godzilab has announced the successor to its great 2009 physics based puzzle game iBlast Moki will be coming this summer. That’s great news, iBlast Moki was an outstanding title when it was released on the App Store back in 2009 and still is one of the best physics based puzzle games for iOS.

Godzilab aims for a release in July or August and has mentioned that iBlast Moki 2 is already running at a steady 60 fps – that’s double of what iBlast Moki 1 was running at.

If you haven’t played through the original iBlast Moki, then you’ve missed out on a great game and you should definitely change that! Your task is to guide the Mokis in each level to the exit by placing and timing a limited supply of bombs that then blow the Mokis towards the exit. It’s like a carefully crafted orchestra. With bombs. And if that didn’t sound awesome enough (yeah, right…) check out the gameplay video below.


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