Final Fantasy Tactics For iPhone Coming Soon

This is great news for all Final Fantasy and turn-based RPG fans out there: Square Enix has just announced via Facebook that they have finally submitted the iPhone version of Final Fantasy Tactics to the App Store. There’s no word on the iPad version yet, but if I look at previous Square Enix releases, my guess is that it will follow about one month after the iPhone release.

Final Fantasy Tactics: The War Of The Lion will be a port of the slightly enhanced 2007 PSP version of this PSX classic. The PSP re-release also featured 16:9 support, new items, new jobs, in-game cutscenes, new characters and multiplayer capabilities. Square Enix hasn’t confirmed all of these features yet, so you can’t be certain that you’ll be able to dominate your friends in a good old multiplayer match. Since it’s just been submitted to Apple, there’s no fixed release date yet – we’ll keep you posted with new details from Squeenix.


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