Desert Zombie: Last Stand: Gameplay Trailer Of The Unreal Engine Shooter Released

Shooting. Zombies. Unreal Engine. Those are the three key elements of Desert Zombie: Last Stand and it’s a formula that makes many iPhone and iPad gamers excited. Developer Crystalised has just released a brand new gameplay trailer that shows off some of the Unreal Engine powered zombie killing. In this survival shooter you’ll be facing various types of zombies that are all trying to end your life as quickly as possible. To defend yourself, you’ll be given all sorts of firearms, ranging from simple handguns to assault riffles and mounted turrets.

Crystalised seems to put plenty of energy into their baby – the movement of the zombies for example is recorded via motion capturing, a technology which digitalizes the movement of a real person wearing a funny suit. If everything goes well, this should result in a game with great attention to detail, something I’m always looking forward to. There’s no info when the game will be released on the App Store besides “coming soon”. This is definitely a title you should watch and we’ll keep you posted with new details as they emerge.


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