Angry Birds Seasons: Free Update Adds Mighty Eagle

Good news for all you Angry Birds maniacs and addicts (and haters, so you know, you have more stuff to hate on)! Rovio has just released an update to Angry Birds Season [$0.99|$1.99|Free] that will unleash the Mighty Eagle on your iPhone and iPad. This basically means you’ll get a ton of replay value with the download of just a few megabytes. Talking about a sweet deal, right?

In case you’re wondering what the Mighty Eagle is: In short, you could call it a new, secondary game mode for each and every level. You can activate the Mighty Eagle with the push of a button in each level, after which your slingshot is loaded with tasty sardines. And wherever you mange to shoot those sardines to, the Mighty Eagle will drop out of the skies and pretty much destroy everything on his way to the sardines. Now, once activated, the game will automatically change into Eagle Highscore mode. This means you won’t get any stars, but a calculated ratio of destruction. 100% destruction will earn you a feather for that specific level. Therefore, the Mighty Eagle not only offers a new way to play Angry Birds, but also plenty of motivation to play through every level you’ve already solved. And like I said, the update is free, so what are you waiting for? Go shoot some sardines!


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