Modern Combat 3 Coming To iPhone And iPad, First Trailer Released

Gameloft’s first person shooter series is coming back soon and it looks like it will rock your iPhone and iPad even harder than the previous Modern Combat games. IGN had some hands-on time with Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation and it seems they enjoyed it quite a bit.

The USA are under attack by an alliance of North Korean, Pakistani and Russian troops, short KPR. Numerous American cities are under assault and some, like Chicago, are even under the control of KPR forces. Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation features a globe-spanning single player campaign with 13 levels. Your efforts to fight back the KPR troops start in Los Angeles and will take you to Alaska, Pakistan and North Korea over the course of the campaign.

Like the previous Modern Combat games you’ll also get the chance to show off your FPS skills in a competitive online multiplayer mode. Gameloft confirmed there will be 12 player multipayer on a total of 6 maps with 6 different game modes. And just like almost any online FPS nowadays, you’re going to level-up you’re character by earning experience as you play online on Gameloft Live. Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation will be out later this fall.

| Source IGN


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