Bladeslinger: This Trailer Kicks Some Serious Butt!

Some ugly monster-butt to be precise. And oh boy does it look pretty doing so. Bladeslinger has just been announced by Luma Arcade, a studio which focuses on web and mobile games. The developers describe Bladeslinger as an AAA, fast paced 3rd person action brawler. And thanks to the Unity Engine, Bladeslinger sure looks like one of the most stunning mobile titles I’ve ever seen.

Luma Arcade says that the Bladeslinger story has been something that was on the studios mind for quite some time as a sort of pet project. But because of the detailed, rich and action packed universe, they’ve always expected this was going to become a console title one day. Thanks to the powerful Unity Engine, the team realized it would be possible to develop Bladeslinger for the current mobile generation.

Bladeslinger is set in an alternate future and the narrative follows William Glaston. He just returns to his home town from many years of war and it doesn’t take long until he realizes that there’s some weird stuff going on. So he ends up slaying his way through hordes of monsters to uncover the evil source behind the terror.

The release date is set to be some time in Q4 2011 so go ahead and replay that trailer once more to suck in all the beauty!

UPDATE 04.04.2011: So let’s look at the calendar… humm… Q4 2011 is long gone and yet no sight of Bladeslinger on the AppStore. That’s the bad news. Now onto the good news: Kerosene Games, the publisher of Bladeslinger, was recently talking about the unfortunate delay. The game is now scheduled to be released some time in May on the App Store – and it’s gonna be bigger and better compared to what we’ve seen in the trailer. Kerosene Games encouraged the devs to do some cutting edge stuff compared to current mobile games, like dynamic shadows on everything. That’s stuff that even Infinity Blade 2 doesn’t do. Personally, I’m applauding this kind of commitment. Reminds me of Blizzard’s “when it’s done” attitude. Let’s just cross our fingers that the final product will be worth the wait!


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