Chaos Rings 2: JRPG Heaven On Your iPhone and iPad

All hail Squeenix! Yes, they’ve done it again – their third installment in the Chaos Rings saga not only holds up to the high standard set by its predecessor, no, it succeeds it! So let me be clear: Do you like JRPGs? Are you into japanese voice overs? Don’t you mind losing yourself in a game for countless hours? Yes? BUY THIS GAME! Simple as that. Forget all those quirky puzzle games and physics based time-wasters that are on the App Store right now (not that I don’t like them as much as the next guy!), because now it’s time for some very old school, very hardcore, super cheesy JRPG grinding on your iOS gadget!

And since the pricing of Chaos Rings 2 has turned into a controversy right now, let me assure you: This game could have been sold as a full-price PS2 title. And I would have bought it. And then played the shit out of it.


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