Year Walk: Game Coming February 21st, Free Companion App Same Day

Simogo, one of my favorite iOS developers, has good news for you all: Their upcoming adventure Year Walk will be available on the App Store on February 21st. But what’s really cool though is that Simogo will also release a Year Walk Companion App for free on the same day! The Year Walk Companion is a guide that will help you delve deeper into the rich universe of Year Walk and get acquainted with all the mysterious creatures and tales that you’ll come across in the game.

Year Walk itself is an adventure game that’s set in 19th century Sweden. You’ll need to uncover what’s going on in the dark woods, where strange and unsettling things seem to be happening. It’s quite a unique concept that focuses very much to create a dense atmosphere and I’d guess that it’s more of an audio-visual experience than a game in the classic sense (much like I’ve categorized Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery EP). This is definitely one of the games I’m so far most excited about in 2013 (who needs Infinity Blade Dungeons, after all. Right?!) (…who am I kidding I do still want it anyway…).

But I digress. I’m really curious how exactly the Companion App will tie into the game. Maybe it’ll also give you clues for certain puzzles in the game to help you progress through the story. So, if you’re impatient, you can go ahead and enjoy the story without the need to grind the gears in your brain. Or, in case you want to experience the game without any pre-existing knowledge of the universe, sit tight, finish the game, and then delve deeper into the universe and recap the experience with the Companion App. Whichever way you may chose, if atmospheric mystery experiences are your thing, I’d bet you can’t go wrong either way.


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