This War Of Mine: Prepare Your iPad, This Will Be Intense

This War Of Mine is a game you won’t forget. The developer, 11bitstudios, actually doesn’t really like to call This War Of Mine a game, because games usually are meant to be fun – and that’s not quite the case here. You get to experience war from a different angle than what you’re used to: You aren’t a soldier, you are a mere civilian, trying to survive in a city that is besieged and about to collapse. Clean water, food, medical supplies – things that we take for granted are suddenly so scarce that you will have to make some very tough decisions while trying to obtain these resources. Not to mention that you have to constantly watch your back. You never know whether any person that you meet along the way is going to be friendly or not – these people are struggling to survive as well, after all.

If all of this sounds very bleak to you, than you have a good a idea of what to expect from This War Of Mine. After all, it was the developer’s intention to make you really reflect upon the terrible situations people will have to face during times of war. The game was released last year for pc and is currently being ported to iOS. A release date is not yet announced, so keep an eye on upcoming news!


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