Order & Chaos Online – World Of Warcraft Inspired Game For iPhone and iPad

Gameloft has released a trailer to announce their upcoming MMORPG Order & Chaos Online. Anyone who is familiar with Blizzards online monument World of Warcraft will be instantly reminded of it while watching the trailer:

Gameloft is a developer people either love for bringing some of their favorite console experiences to the iPhone or blame for trying to produce games that are inspired by the biggest names of gaming, but often don’t feel original. There is no doubt that Gameloft has taken a close look at World of Warcraft – but since it is by far the most successful MMORPG, who would blame them? It will be interesting to see if Gameloft succeeds to give Order & Chaos Online an original touch. But even if they only succeed in adapting the gameplay mechanics to the iPhone and iPad, Order & Chaos Online will have incredible potential to become a huge game.

Another interesting aspect is how we will pay for Order & Chaos Online. Will it come with a monthly subscription fee? Will it be some sort of freemium model? If we look at the past, Gameloft has released their games relatively close to their first announcement, so I expect we will get more information within the next few weeks, as well as a release date.


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