Unstoppable Gorg For iPad: Futuremark Games Studio Announces Tower Defense Game

Futuremark Games Studio has announced a new iPad tower defense game called Unstoppable Gorg. However, unlike most tower defense games in which you are literally building a tower defense, you wont find any actual towers in Unstoppable Gorg. Nope, the game takes place in space and puts you in charge of protecting the solar system from the Gorg, an alien race that’s trying to invade our planets. And so you’ll be placing and moving satellites in orbits instead of towers on a grid layout.

That’s not a whole lot of information, but the old-school sci-fi setting and atmospheric trailer definitely make me want to see more of the game.

And in case Futuremark rings a bell: Yes, those are the folks behind the impressive 3DMARK benchmarks. So when they are saying that Unstoppable Gorg comes with “Gergeous 3D graphics”, I’m more than looking forward to it! A release date has yet to be announced, we will keep you posted as we get more information.


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