Silent Ops – New Gameplay Trailer, Release Soon

Gameloft has uploaded a brand new gameplay trailer for their upcoming third person action game Silent Ops for iPhone and iPad. From what I’ve seen so far, Silent Ops seems to have quite a few things in common with Gameloft’s very own Splinter Cell for iOS.

If I don’t misinterpret the trailer, it seems you are going to be in control of three different characters with distinct abilities throughout Silent Ops’ campaign. John Oaks will be your man for close combat and firearms, Yuri Sokolov will serve you as elite sniper and last but not least Nicole Loiseau will be taking care of vehicles and IT. The trailer doesn’t reveal whether you’ll be able to chose between the characters as you like or if it’s predetermined at which point you’ll have to play with each of them.

In the light of Gameloft’s latest title, 9mm, I have to say I’m a bit underwhelmed by Silent Ops’ presentation. But, as we all know, never judge a book by its cover – if the gameplay is fun, I’m the last one to complain about graphics. And with Silent Ops being “available soon”, we wont have to wait long until we can find out what this game is all about.


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