Now Available For iPhone And iPad: Anomaly Warzone Earth And NyxQuest

Anomaly Warzone Earth [$1.99|$3.99] is a tower defense game, that’s not a tower defense game. Strange but true, since this game swaps the seats and puts you in charge of the attacking forces. Anomaly Warzone Earth is already available on the Mac App Store and Valve’s Steam platform and we couldn’t wait for it to finally come to iOS. The game was received pretty well by critics and gamers alike, so I’m happy to say that the transition from keyboard and mouse input to touch controls went very well. It’s done so well in fact, that the game feels like it was developed with touch controls in mind. On top of it Anomaly Warzone Earth [$1.99|$3.99] looks great, sounds great and I’m already having a blast with it. If you’re into the strategy genre, this one’s for you!

NyxQuest [$0.99|$2.99] is a gorgeous looking puzzle platformer which was originally released on Nintendo’s WiiWare. Now Chillingo brought this game to iOS – and I thank them for it. You’re in control of the girl Nyx who came down to earth to find out why Icarus, a regular visitor of the heavens, has gone missing. If this sounds like Greek mythology to you then you’re absolutely right. You will have to solve physic based puzzles and use all your platforming skills to help Nyx through the levels. NyxQuest is currently on sale to celebrate its release and you can also check out the free lite versions [iPhone|iPad] to see if this is your cup of tea.


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