Rage For iPhone And iPad Is Now Free For One Week!

rage header 2 <span>Rage</span> For iPhone And iPad Is Now Free For One Week!

100.000 Likes – touchdown! We posted a few days ago that id Software was running a promotion with the intention to make Rage [free] and Rage HD [free] free for one week, if Rage’s Facebook page reaches 100.000 likes. Well, it just crossed that mark and consequently Rage is already available for free on the App Store. We liked id’s rail-shooter quite a bit in our review and strongly recommended it to action fans. Now that it’s free, this one should be a no-brainer pickup.

One thing that you might want to keep in mind as you are heading over to the App Store now: Both Rage and Rage HD are Universal Apps. The HD version of Rage is, unlike most HD version of games, not an iPad optimized version. Nope, in Rage’s case, it means that it’s packed with high-resolution textures to make the game look sharper. So if your device can handle it and you can spare the extra space that these textures need, Rage HD is the version you should go for.


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