Make Rage For iPhone And iPad Free, ‘Like’ Its Facebook Page

rage small <span>Make Rage For iPhone And iPad Free</span>, Like Its Facebook Page Now that’s finally a good reason to smash one of those Like buttons on Facebook: The folks at id Software thought it’s a good idea to stir up the marketing machine with a Facebook promotion, now that their all-new fps franchise Rage is approaching its release date. The already available iPhone and iPad version of the game will become free for one week once Rage’s page reaches 100.000 likes. That’s right, so now is the time to buckle up, do mankind a favor and hit that like button over there. The page already has 75.000 likes as I write this, so we are 75% there. We liked Rage for iOS a lot in our review, so it’s definitely a game that you should’t miss once it’s free.


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