Hot And New: This Week’s Game Releases You Should Check Out

It’s Thursday again, and in iOS Land this means there’s a ton of new games to play on your iPhone and iPad. Firing up the App Store on Thursday resembles the feeling of opening your christmas presents. And although we are prepared for great releases, the amount of great games this Thursday is just plain crazy. Check out what games you shouldn’t miss this week:

Hector: Ep2 continues the tale of detective inspector Hector. It’s a modern point-and-click adventure game with a lot of (dirty)humor in it. It’s supposed to be twice as long as Hector: Ep1, which is currently on sale until September 1st for $0.99! So be sure to pick up Episode 1 in time and if you dig it, there’s the brand new Hector: Ep2 waiting for you on the App Store.

Contre Jour, Chillingo’s latest iOS game looks to me as if World of Goo and Bumpy Road had a baby. It’s a physics based puzzle game that involves both manipulating the environment like you do in Bumpy Road while taking the “gooiness” of the main character, called Petite, into account. It sure looks like a hell of a puzzle game with a lot of style to it. The HD version comes as Universal App.

Sprinkle: Water splashing fire fighter fun! (that really is the title) looks like a great physics based puzzler in which you need to use a water cannon to fight fires by moving obstacles, spinning wheels and figuring out even more of those physics based interactions in order to clear the levels. The water simulation looks outstanding!

Spy Mouse is developed by Firemint, the developers behind the Real Racing series and Flight Control. Need I say any more?! Spy Mouse’s gameplay is somewhat similar to Flight Control, in the sense that once again you need to draw a safe path to master the game. This time around, you’ll need to guide a pretty sneaky mouse through 72 levels and make sure it won’t get eaten by any of the various cats.

EDGE Extended is, well, an extended version of the game EDGE. And it improves on quite a few aspects of the original puzzle game. EDGE Extended introduces a brand new 3D graphics engine and comes with 44 new levels, 23 unique tunes and new gameplay mechanics. That should be more than reason enough to revisit this puzzle game with the distinct main character: A square block. (The trailer above shows the original EDGE)

Peggle is now also available as an iPad optimized HD version. The developers at PopCap are undoubtedly the masters of incredibly polished and addictive casual titles. And if you happen to be into those kind of games, there’s basically no way around Peggle. It comes with 55 levels and offers plenty of replay value with its different game modes. It’s currently on a special release sale for 40% off.

Demolition Master is a game of destruction. And we all know how much fun destroying things can be. Across 70 levels you’ll get the chance to destroy whatever comes in your way with what the devs call “Realstic Feeling Of Destruction”. All of it in 3D and for both iPhone and iPad.

Infinity Field is an awesome dual-stick arcade shooter. I had a serious addiction to the iPad version of Infinity Field which is now called Infinity Field HD. The game comes with various single player and multiplayer modes and looks beautiful. If arcady action games are your thing, this one’s for you!


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