Forever Drive Trailer Looks Freakin’ Awesome!

We’ve been posting stuff about Forever Drive, the top-down racing game that never ends, for quite some time now. And every time Supermono Studios reveals some new details, I’m getting more and more excited about this game. The premise is quite simple: It’s a racing game with 2 distinct sides. On one hand, there’s the racing mode in which you drive against the time on a never-ending racetrack. On the other hand, there’s the editor mode in which every Forever Drive player will be able to create new racetracks and gets the option to share his creation with the whole community.

And these user-generated tracks are, at least in theory, what makes Forever Drive a never-ending, ever changing racing game. Every member of the Forever Drive community can vote whether or not they like each user generated racetrack. This feature will make sure that you’ll only end up racing on the most fun and engaging tracks available. Sounds great to me! The new trailer gives you a very good idea what the game looks like and what to expect from it gameplay wise. I don’t know about you, but I’m really digging the Tron like vibe that Supermono Studios created here. Forever Drive will be out this October for your iPhone and iPad!


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