Need For Speed: Most Wanted – Check Out The Trailer!

Need For Speed: Most Wanted Logo

Need For Speed: Most Wanted will be out this October for iPhone and iPad. The incredible good news about this: The geniuses at Firemonkeys, responsible for the Real Racing games, are the ones who develop Need For Speed: Most Wanted! So it’s almost needless to say that the trailer looks absolutely fantastic! On top of that, Need For Speed: Most Wanted has always been one of the most fan-loved entries of the series, so I’m hoping that we’ll get something really special here! Unfortunately, the trailer isn’t all that long and basically does not reveal anything else of interest. Like, how many cars will be in the game? What game modes will it offer? Will you be able to tune your car?

These are all important questions that could make or break the game. But like I said, Need For Speed: Most Wanted is developed by Firemonkeys, so I’m definitely giving them the benefit of the doubt!


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