Grab It While It’s Free: iBlast Moki 2

iblast moki 2 header2 <span>Grab It While Its Free</span>: iBlast Moki 2

Godzi Lab makes you an offer you can’t refuse: iBlast Moki 2 HD is free for a limited time! Make sure to look for the iPad version which is a universal App, because that’s the one that’s for free, not the iPhone-only version. It’s a bit weird, but who cares! iBlast Moki 2 is a fantastic physics based puzzle game. In fact, it’s one of my favourites of the genre! You have to place bombs on strategic positions and time their explosions to blast the Mokis into freedom. Further down the campaign, you’ll also have to build various vehicles and bridges in order to succeed. It’ll really make you use that squishy matter between your ears! The graphics are sharp and cute, the sound design is unique and the controls are spot on.

It’s not clear how long iBlast Moki 2 will be offered for free, all it says is “for a very limited time”. So you better fire up the App Store immediately and get this game right now to make your weekend even better!


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