Star Command For iOS – Brand New Trailer With 13 Minutes Of Gameplay!

Finally! We’ve been talking about Star Command last week in our Highly Anticipated iPhone and iPad Games List and already teased you by saying that the developers have announced to show us a brand new gameplay trailer of Star Command this monday. And well, here it is! And it’s glorious!

The trailer is giving you a look at what this game really is about. And in short, that’s building a ship, hiring a crew, navigating through the universe, managing your crew, upgrading your ship, fighting aliens, negotiating with aliens, discovering stuff and much more. Well, that list wasn’t that short after all, was it? And I really do hope that it’ll also feel this way once we get a chance to play Star Command, since my biggest and almost only fear for this game is that it might become repetitive if it’s not filled with enough things to do. But let’s give the developers the benefit of the doubt and hope for the best – because then this game will kick some serious ass!

What I’m really digging is how Star Command looks and sounds. It’s like the Star Trek game that I would have played the shit out of if it were released on the Super Nintendo back then. If, like I said, there is enough content to make it worth our while. I sure hope so!


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